MOH MAYA MONEY Movie Trailer: Moh Maya Money is the latest 2016 upcoming Movie starring Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia. Ranvir Shorey and Neha Dhupia have collaborated for several films including ‘Mithya’ and ‘Raat Gayi Baat Gayi’ in past. The Moh Maya Money film is directed by debutant director Munish Bhardwaj  and Produced by Sandeep Narula. the Makers of the film recently released the trailer of the film and is all set for release on November 11. The film has received positive response across the world and is now ready to hit the Indian screens. Moha Maya Money also features Devendra Chauhan, Vidushi Mehra and Ashwath Bhatt among others. Check more details about the film below.

MOH MAYA MONEY Movie Trailer Released | Movie Release on Nov 11th

Moha Maya Money is a story about a married couple played by Ranvir and Neha, The film revolves around how two couple tired of the middle class lifestyle take the wrong route to earn some quick bucks and instead get trapped in a web of greed, ambition and love.


Ranvir acts as a real estate broker in the film, who decides to hide a big deal from his boss and share it with a local dealer to grab more profit. Expecting to get a big sum of money, he starts planning a lavish future even before getting the profit.

Nevertheless, a series of unfortunate events destroys his plans and the couple’s lives get in danger. Ranvir then involves his begrudging wife in a desperate white collar crime to fix everything, but things again go out of his control.

Watch Moh Maya Money movie Trailer Of Ranvir Shorey And Neha Dhupia

Moh Maya Money was a Film Bazaar Recommended project at 2015 NFDC Film Bazaar where it got picked up by New York Indian Film Festival and the London Indian Film Festival.



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