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The movie revolves around 6 strangers who meet each other on a cruise sailed for a world tour. The journey seems exciting until an incident takes place. Within the ship, a murder takes place to which everybody is left jittered. Everyone starts accusing one another only to the shock left for the audience at the end. The locations are marvellous as the film got shot in countries like Italy, Spain, France, Mauritius, Singapore, etc. The extravagant places would leave you mesmerised along with an awesome performance put up by all the artists. Debutante actor Shashank doesn’t look as debut artist as his acting is simply churned with finesse. The actors’ fresh appearance and mind-boggling plotline would want you to clutch to your seats until the film finishes. So, watching One Way Ticket won’t be a waste of time as you will find quite a reason to appreciate the director and the cast.


One Way Ticket Movie Review Rating –

One Way Ticket (2016) – Marathi Movie

Movie : One Way Ticket – Marathi Film
Producer : Madhu Nathani, Kamal Nathani
Directer : Kamal Nathani
Star Cast : Shashank Ketkar, Amruta Khanvilkar, Sachit Patil, Gashmeer Mahajani, Neha Mahajan
Release Date : 2016

One Way Ticket (2016) Sachit Patil | Amruta Khanvilkar | Gashmeer Mahajani | Shashank Ketkar

One Way Ticket Marathi Movie Rating | One Way Ticket Critics Rating :

One Way Ticket is an 2016 upcoming Marathi romantic movie directed by Kamal Nathani & Amol Shetge and film stars Sachit Patil, Amruta Khanvilkar, Gashmeer Mahajani, Roger D’Costa, Shashank Ketkar, Neha Mahajan. The film release in theater on 23rd September 2016.

Genre: Drama, Action and Romantic

Star Cast : Sachit Patil, Amruta Khanvilkar, Gashmeer Mahajani, Roger D’Costa, Shashank Ketkar and Neha Mahajan.

Directed by : Kamal Nathani & Amol Shetge

Produced by : Komal Unawane

Co-Producer : Click Flick Films & Mahalasa Entertainment

Supervising Producer : NA

Story : NA

Director of Photography : NA

Editor : NA

Music Director : NA

Lyrics : NA

Executive Producer : NA

Release Date: 23 September 2016.

One Way Ticket (2016) Marathi Movie Songs

Original Songs In Mp3 Format
01 – Befikar – Rohit Raut, Shrinidhi Ghatate
Size: 5.1 Mb | Duration: 5:26
02 – One Way Ticket – Url, Gaurav Dagaonkar, Shifa Harris, Orunima
Size: 3.3 Mb | Duration: 3:27
03 – Reshami Reshami – Gaurav Dagaonkar, Aanandi Joshi
Size: 4.1 Mb | Duration: 4:24
04 – Mast Malanga – Gaurav Dagaonkar, Savniee Ravindrra
Size: 3.1 Mb | Duration: 3:15
Single Link for All Songs: Zip File
One Way Ticket (2016) ZIP Download ~ 128 Kbps (15.5 MB)
One Way Ticket (2016) ZIP Download ~ 320 Kbps (38 MB)


One Way Ticket (2016) Opening Day Total Box Office Collection

Released in more than 900 screens worldwide, the Marathi language film One Way Ticket got distributed in countries like US, UK, Australia, few in Europe, etc. It received a screen share in regions like all over Maharashtra, Bhopal, Kolkata, etc. The movie collection went on to become more than expected from the team thus cheering up in high notes for delivering such different film and that too made at the cost of Rs. 7 crores. Thus, One Way Ticket opening day total box office collection has generated revenue of Rs. 1.25 crores in a worldwide basis.

One Way Ticket (2016) 2nd Day Worldwide Box Office Collection

It’s seldom that we get to see logical, mind-boggling crime-thriller on 75 mm screen but with some of our brilliant filmmakers, scriptwriters in hand, one can not ask for more. Well, it’s also the actors who have done a commendable job of which the debutant Shashank seems quite brushed up. Such talent is what we need when it comes to industry pick-up. A spine-chilling story where all the characters will be judged as either collateral or accused. Audiences have given a positive response to the film with cheers and thumbs up altogether. Therefore, One Way Ticket 2nd day/ Saturday worldwide collection has generated revenue of Rs. 1.57 crores.

One Way Ticket (2016) 3/4th Days Total Box Office Collection

The Marathi language film starring numerous actors is roaring loud in the BO. Its worldwide collection is pretty good as most of the theatres witnessed viewers watching even twice. The crime-thriller based on a cruise comprises of breathtaking locations such as Italy, Spain, France, Mauritius, etc. which will make you do ‘just wow’. It captured a screen space of almost 22% sharing as it released in Maharashtra and other countries. With a plethora of jingling over the top, this particular film might be next big venture in terms of revenue collection after blockbuster ‘Sairat’. Therefore, One Way Ticket 3/4th days total box office collection has settled down to Rs. 98 lakhs.

One Way Ticket (2016) Audience Response

People undoubtedly have enjoyed the movie through thus giving their 2 hours 15 minutes from their busy schedule. The crime-thriller has already rung the bells at a positive note with all the cast and crew gifting a good movie all in all. Public belonging to Nashik, Thane, Bhayander, Koliwada, Mumbai, Suburbs, etc. gave positive reviews with only a handful of public nodding negatively for the Marathi film. Thus, the mass has given One Way Ticket a positive report regarding acting, direction, storyline, and so on.

One Way Ticket (2016) The Bouquet Factor or the Brickbat Factor

The brand new released film has received many accolades from worldwide, especially reigning in some parts of India. With a strong hold over the plot along with pretty good acting stints delivered by the artists, it is managing in full force to attract audiences in theatres. The box office windows are going jam packed with many of them watching the second time in single screens. Henceforth, our team feels sufficiently privileged to give One Way Ticket a bouquet wholeheartedly.

One Way Ticket (2016) Final verdict

The Marathi language film One Way Ticket is definitely a one time watch with most of it good factors. People might get irritated at some point due to delay in climax revelation but when the suspense is disclosed it would leave you awe-struck. The film has romantic notes, but the twist in the tale is the actual backdrop of the film. So, visit the theatres near you and completely enjoy the Marathi crime-thriller One Way Ticket, without any hesitation.



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