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Fuddu is an Hindi Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi film directed and produced by Smeep Kang. It stars Manisha Singh, Vinay Rana

Fuddu movie is a Romance-Comedy set in Mumbai. The film is scheduled to release on 14th October 2016. The movie follows life and story of Mohan who has come to Mumbai with dreams of grandeur and luxury. However, he soon realizes that the stories he has heard back home from people living in Mumbai are a farce and every day living conditions are much tougher than his home.


Fuddu casts a host of new actors like Shubham and Swati Kapoor with a experienced supporting cast. There are multiple cameos by Bollywood stars like Katrina Kaif, Sharman Joshi, and Gauhar Khan who add flavor to the movie.

fuddu movie

Fuddu (2016)
Director: Sunil Subramani
Stars: Swati Kapoor, Shubham, Shalini Arora


Shubham is a simpleton from Banaras who travels to Mumbai in search of employment and to fulfill his life long desire to live in the city of stars. But reality dawns as he tries to adjust to the cramped living quarters of a chawl where both space and privacy is a luxury that common man cannot afford. Most of the first part of the movie goes into painting the picture of bumbling Shubham who is equally at loss when it comes to love and ways of life. Hence the name Fuddu, which roughly means confused and dumb in the ways of this world.
He soon gets married to the girl he likes, but lack of privacy and space cause major problems in consummation of his marriage. This creates additional problems for Fuddu as his wife and everyone else in his family begin to abuse ad insult him for all the wrong reasons.


Written by Pawan Kumar Sharma and directed by Sunil Subramani under guidance of Anurag Basu, Fuddu captures various vignettes of Mohan’s struggles with Mumbai’s and city life.


The story of the movie is not that new. We have a few classics of 70s that have highlighted the plight of young coming in to Mumbai and living in cramped spaces. The Amol Palekar era movies have talked about this, the awkwardness of small-town immigrant before too. Fuddu brings the same kind of entertainment in a new avatar to suit the audiences of the new millennium.

Performances by Shubham and Swati Kapoor do not leave much wanting and perform their parts quite well. However, the same cannot be said of the story, which does not inspire a lot. With Saat Uchakkey and Anna being the only other new movies releasing this week, Fuddu definetely ranks better on the entertainment quotient.




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